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Dandelion Distro … Just another Anarchist Distribution Collective.

Yeah, you’ve seen our kind before. Hocking Zines and patches at your local infoshop or street corner. Giving away literature and food for free. Defending your children’s lemonade stands, and even making fun of ourselves. It’s what we do best … taking every scrap and scrawl from dissidents, the downtrodden, and the armchair intellectuals only to fatten the stew of propaganda being handed out like samples of guilt in a time of original sin.

We are but the funnel through which anti-authoritarians of all walks and hyphenations are able to disperse their thoughts, skills, crimes, and combination’s of such as a fermented amalgamation for the public’s impassioned intoxication. We are not finite, if anything, we are amoebic. The hunted and endangered. Hunted, yet growing. Everywhere around you, the tide is rising.

We are not the guns of this revolution. But maybe, somewhere in this romantic dream, you may follow some xeroxed, now torn and tattered copy of The Heart’s Song of Resistance in the pocket of your neighbor’s mind; only to find that volume lain down in the shadow of the weapons clenched in her fists.

We may be contacted at ” dandeliondistro (at) riseup (dot) net ”

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  1. zeus skully permalink
    January 20, 2011 7:47 PM

    this is great stuff. nice to know that not everybody has their head up their ass.


  1. Revamped Dandelion Distro Website / “Give us some suggestions” to Print « GREY COAST ANARCHIST NEWS

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