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(anti)business never finished

November 6, 2011

All zines should now be clickable to .pdf form, save a few which will route to respective projects where there is ongoing evolution in publication (ie: “Dont Leave Your Friends Behind”). If this is not true, please let us know.

We are also working on extending the admittedly limited library. But damn, is coding dull. And so is wading through scores of seriously misguided pieces of literature.

So please, give us some suggestions.
That way we can give away copies for free, or will be able to list something alongside other publications digitally available for reading and printing (also for free).


Site Still Under Construction

February 26, 2011

We have been working to catalog most of the zines we enjoy, as well as make them downloadable. We haven’t finished yet, but go ahead and check out the “Zines!” section and click on a thumbnail – chances are, a PDF file will pop up. We would also like to encourage everyone with snarky criticisms, zine suggestions, or coupons, to send us an email to that effect.